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If I were a gambler, I would bet you are sitting in front of the [insert tech device here… computer, tablet, phone, etc] while SURROUNDED by chaos.

Dirty dish sitting next to you?  Check.

Piles of paperwork on the desk?  (Hello, long lost bill!)  Check.

Maybe a mountain of laundry next to you on the couch?  Check.  (But it’s clean!!  Mmm hmm.  Mine, too.  Nice start.)

And I bet you are reading lovely blogs on organization and shiny sinks and color-coded ribbon storage and households that run like well-oiled machines.

And the shame and guilt and overwhelming pressure settles in like a heavy pit in your gut.  And you feel LAZY.

But here is the deal.

I am not lazy. and neither are you.

In fact, if I were a gambler, I would bet that we could not be farther from lazy.  In fact, my friend, I am quite certain that perfectionism is what was killing me, and quite possibly is killing you, too.

It is overwhelming, and it feels like a fire I simply couldn’t put out.  And so I would rather sit down, read perfect-home blogs that buried me deeper in shame, and eat a gooey brownie that went right to my hips.

But then I realized:

My sink will never shine.  Well, not unless Helen Housekeeper shines it for me, and since the thought of cleaning house before Helen came was too overwhelming, I can say with certainty:

My sink will never shine.

And that is okay.  I don’t need it to shine!

I am not after perfection, or color-coded, or smelling like lemons and bleach.

I am after order, and consistency, and good-enough.  I can do good-enough, and so can you.

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