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2014 – Housewife Rehab Goals

The first step to rehabilitation was admitting that what I am currently doing is simply not working.  Find my admission here.  Be forewarned… it is not pretty.

My second step was to make a list of concrete home goals for my family.  Last night, the husband and I gathered the kids (the three who are old enough to be able to participate in such a conversation).  We made it fun…  Chocolate chip cookies, milk, a cleared-off table, and a notepad.  We took turns discussing what was not working in the home, without blame.  Then one by one, we shared what visions we had for our home.  This included both physical goals, and relational goals.


  • Purge all non-essential kitchen gadgets
  • Introduce a dish-washing routine
  • Introduce a table setting and clearing routine
  • Meal plan
  • Be a more efficient shopper
  • Recruit kids to help make dinner
  • Introduce a lunch-packing routine


  • Purge all non-essential bathroom items
  • Introduce a bathroom cleaning routine
  • Weekly towel wash


  • Introduce a laundry routine
  • All laundry put away at end of the day


  • Nightly tidy routine
  • Weekly vacuum
  • Bi-weekly linen wash
  • Purge all non-essential toys, trinkets, clothing

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