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Habits + Chores = Freedom

Upsplash2My sister once told me, “Cleaning while kids are around is like shoveling snow during a snowstorm.”  And while I am a southern California girl, and have only touched real snow a handful of times in my life, I get the analogy.

Most days, I feel like a hamster on a wheel, out of breath and tapped out, but having made no progress.  I spend my day switching loads, wiping spills, and sorting trinkets from one pile to another.  And still, at the end of the day, the only evidence of my housecleaning marathon is my daughter asking me if I now have time to play Frozen, or that guilt deep in my gut that I haven’t really listened to my son’s chit chat.

It’s not working, and so in my effort to simplify all aspects of my life, I’m changing things up.

I do not want to be a house cleaner – I want to be a mom/wife/woman with a clean house. 

So join me as I experiment with a new way of doing things.


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