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Thanks for the Effort

Today is the third-to-the-last day of school.

The house looks like a crime scene (“it appeared as if there had been a struggle”).

I just finished putting 10 year old’s homemade Plinko board for “business day” in the car. which involved folding down seats and moving car seats.

I loaded all his plinko prizes, which I had just purchased and sorted into bins the evening before, into the car.

Cut up two dozen brownies for a Student Council celebration.

Gave him some cash to contribute to his class pizza party.

And loaded the other three siblings into the car, two of whom are shoeless and still in pajamas.

And he says, “Oh, mom!  I forgot that today is college day, and we have to wear some sort of college attire!”

And I answer, “Sorry, not going to happen.”

And from his lips to God’s ears, in the most sarcastic tone imaginable, he says, “Thanks for the effort, mom”.

Excuse me while I engage in some deep breathing.



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