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5 Things Friday

Today I got rid of:

  • An old, ugly lamp
  • The paperwork from Vacation Bible School (after digitizing dates in my phone)
  • A hand towel holder that didn’t hold hand towels well (or often)
  • A large trash truck toy that my son loved at one time, but has recently just been taking up space
  • Many containers of half eaten food from the fridge – some no longer the same color

So I could instead:

  • Lie down for a quick snooze with my four-year-old (which lasted three minutes, but it’s the effort that counts)
  • Teach my eight-year-old how to make mini-figure pillows
  • Book a flight for my husband to escape for a few days to visit my sister and brother-in-law (Weird? Maybe. We don’t care.)
  • Work on the garden – pruning, harvesting, and soaking up some Vitamin D
  • Write a thank you to a friend for a thoughtful

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