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A Simple Back to School

My two oldest kids went back to school this week. And while their backpacks were ready to go, their lunches were packed, and their first-day outfits were neatly laid out, there lay the end of the preparation. Husband and I put the kids to bed with kisses and hugs, so-excited squeezes, and “can’t wait to hear all about it”s. Then the two of us relaxed with a favorite show and hit the hay early ourselves.


Weird because this year, back to school didn’t involve glue gun projects, printing happy-first-day jokes to pop in lunch boxes, and baking an elaborate first day breakfast. It didn’t involve Pinterest. And it was freeing.

We talked over breakfast, about the excitement of the new year, what their teachers might be like, about how fun it is to have clean new school supplies. And it was chaotic – spilled orange juice, the hustle of brushed teeth, hair, socks, shoes, and out the door… but nothing more.

And when I saw their faces that afternoon as they spilled out of campus, I hope they felt how excited I was. “Please tell me it all.”

I want to hear it all.


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